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Why sell with us?

Living and working since 1999 in Javea, we know the real estate market very well and have years of experience to organize a hassle free sales process. We place great value on a personal, but professional customer care. Honesty, efficiency and detailed consultation are important to us.

You haven’t heard from our business? This is normal because we are specialized in real estate via the Internet. Our customers do not start looking at properties once they are here, but they contact us already at the planning. Often the contacts are going on for a long time until it comes to buy a property. So our way of working is different, but also very successful.

Thanks to a successful collaboration with our partners in the area and from abroad, we can assure you of maximum coverage. Our buyers are mainly from France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Furthermore, we offer:
- Meaningful and quality photos with detailed description of your property, - User-friendly website in 4 languages
- Website with excellent ranking (in German and French google)
- We help you to obtain all necessary documents
- If required, we can draft the legal binding sales contract
- We calculate the sum remaining after deduction of the costs to be paid and taxes
- We accompany you to the notary for the draft of the Public Purchase deed - We change the title on all utilities (water, electricity, local taxes, etc.)

Important information for the seller:
- The capital gain tax is payable by the seller. For residents (at least the last 3 years), the rate is between 19-23% on the gain. Residents are exempt from that tax if they are aged over 65 or invest the gains in buying another property within 2 years. For non-residents 3% of the selling price will be retained as advance. With the tax return, the sum due is determined and you will know whether parts or the entire advance is repaid or an additional payment is due. The tax rate is between 19-24% on the gain.
- Local Land tax (Plus Valia) is also charged to the seller. The longer the seller owned the property, the higher will be the tax. It is based on the cadastral value.
- In the case of a mortgage, the costs of the cancellation of the mortgage (the title deeds themselves as well the cancellation of the debt in the land register) are for the seller
- The sales commission is payable at signing of the Public Purchase deed

Documents necessary on completion date:
- Valid passport or identity card
- NIE (Foreigner Identification Number)
- Energy Performance Certificate
- Habitability certificate if requested by the buyer side
- Title deeds with a description that corresponds to the reality of the property (1) - Residents need a Spanish residence certificate of the tax authority
- Last IBI with proof of payment (local property tax receipt)
- Last invoices of suppliers and proof of payment (water, electricity, gas, telephone, alarm) and existing contracts of these suppliers
- In the case of a community, certificate of full payment of the community fees at the time of completion.

With the completion, all keys of the property are transferred to the buyer.

With the help of our architects, energy certificate and Habitability certificate can be organized. Also necessary amendments or extensions to the property (1) could be solved easily. The possible problems can be resolved in time, so that surprises or disappointments can be avoided. A well-organized purchase procedure is beneficial to all the parties.

Throughout the period of transfer of ownership we ensure close and stress-free cooperation with all parties.

Tips for the seller for property viewings:
- Open the shutters in every room (bright areas)
- Turn on the lights in bathrooms or dark rooms (cozy)
- Avoid strong odors, pleasant smells are welcome
- Range the rooms and present your home in the best light
- Repairs are best done immediately, it gives the buyer the impression that your property is in good condition, which automatically increases the value of your property.

Buyers visit generally many houses per day. The first impression to the buyer is extremely important. Only if your property has a good impression with the buyer, your property will be on the short list.

If you liked, these lines, do not hesitate to contact us.

(1) In most cases the square meters of a property in the Title deed do not coincide with the physical reality. Nowadays, all built-up areas (covered terrace, cellar, pool etc.) must be included in the title deeds. Should this not be the case, an architect will survey the property and create a certificate for the notary. At the notary these additional square meters are added to the title deeds (declaración de obra nueva) (prior to the sale). The costs of updating the title deeds are for the seller. In the case of a large difference between the surface of the plot in the land registry and the cadaster office, the seller will have to pay to amend the said discrepancy adjustment of this difference.

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